Hi, welcome to my humble little abode on the Web. Check out the various links to the left to learn more about me and my hobbies. You'll find lots of 3D images in my Gallery, all done in Carrara by Daz3D and Ray Dream Studio, primarily pertaining to Aliens, Battlestar Galactica, Space 1999, Star Wars and Star Trek.

This is Tim's final year at DynamicEye.net. This site will close permanently on May 30th, 2014, after a ten-year run. If anybody wants to buy the domain name, let me know. My artwork will all be gone from this site forever. But this is NOT the end...


I am moving my 3D Carrara and Daz artwork to a new website, that will be primarily a Star Trek fansite. But wait, there's more! Given my large collection of 3D Star Trek models that I've made over the decades, I've decided to embark on an ambitious new project - a 3D-rendered Star Trek web-comic series - Star Trek: Legends.

That being the case, this site will be closed down and all visitors are humbly invited to check out my new site and project at http://www.ncc-1701-a.net.

Live long and prosper!